Modem Platforms


implementa SIM Emulators make it possible to use off-the-shelf Mobile Terminals such as Smartphones or Wireless Modems with SIM cards stored in remote SIM Arrays. 

SIM Emulation consists of (1) a piece of hardware connecting to the SIM Interface of the Mobile Terminal and (2) the actual Emulation implemented in SIM Client software.

Instead of a SIM card a SIM Emulator device is attached to the SIM Interface of the Mobile Terminal. Depending on the actual setup this is done by inserting a SIM Flex cable into the SIM holder of the Terminal or by connecting directly to the physical SIM interface.

SIM Emulator MUS-1

Most versatile SIM Emulator. Works with most available Mobile Terminals. Small enough to be placed into an enclosure together with the terminal. Easy to use, cost-effective. USB connection.

Add Virtual SIM to almost any off-the-shelf Mobile Terminal such as Feature or Smart Phones, Wireless Modems and Routers, IoT and M2M devices

To be used with implementa SIM Flex Cables.

SIM Emulator MUS-1 Module

"Virtual SIM on Chip"

MUS-1 Module is the embedded version of SIM Emulator MUS-1. Requires a custom socket connector wired to the SIM Interface of the Mobile Terminal. For custom built PCBs.

More SIM Emulators

SIM Emulators for specific Environments, Mobile Terminals and Modules. Custom-built, embedded.

More Information available on request.

Pure Software SIM Emulators

If there is software access to the ISO/IEC7816 SIM Interface then it might be possible to omit the Emulator hardware and do the SIM Emulation in pure software.

More Information available on request.