Virtual SIM Technology


Patented implementa Virtual SIM Technology a.k.a. Remote SIM Technology, Virtual SIM or Remote SIM enables physical separation of SIM cards and Mobile Terminals. This is achieved by providing efficient, reliable remote access to SIM cards stored in implementa SIM Arrays. The technology is carrier, SIM and Mobile Terminal agnostic and compatible with most GSM/2g/3G/4G/LTE networks.

Mobile Terminals can be installed anywhere without locally installed SIM cards. SIM cards are placed in central or decentralized SIM Arrays. Any SIM card from the SIM Arrays can be assigned to any Mobile Terminal by means of simple software commands.

Mobile Terminals with dynamically assigned SIM cards will behave just like with a locally inserted SIM card. Any service such as voice, SMS, data can be used. Assignment of SIM cards to Mobile Terminals is dynamic and under full control by the user.

Remote communication between Mobile Terminal and SIM card is intelligently cached and reduced in order to compensate for network delays and unreliable connections.

Our Virtual SIM Technology is at the core of our Virtual SIM Platform.